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PBS Nature's American Spring Live

The Voyageurs Wolf Project collaborated with PBS Nature in spring 2019 for the show American Spring Live which aired May 1, 2019. PBS Nature followed the project around as we went and visited wolf dens in spring 2019 to try to get litter size estimates for different packs. While every den we visited was empty, remote cameras on the dens showed wolves spent time investigating all of these dens. And at one den, remote cameras captured something amazing: a pack had 7 pups but the wolves had to move the pups quickly as the den started to flood due to melting snow. 

Twin Cities PBS

Dr. Joseph Bump of the Voyageurs Wolf Project joined Twin Cities PBS in December 2018 to discuss the Voyageurs Wolf Project and the work we do. The segment covered everything from a viral wolf territory map we made, the fishing wolves of the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem, and the state-record trees we have found while doing our wolf research. The entire segment can be viewed online for free.

PBS Market-to-Market

Dr. Joseph Bump and Voyageurs Wolf Project video footage were featured in PBS's Market-to-Market show, a nationally-televised broadcast, in August 2020. The segment, which was titled "Midwest Wolves Returning to Former Territory", was focused on the challenges of managing wolves as they continue to recover in the Great Lakes states. The entire segment can be viewed online for free here.

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Right This Minute

In May 2019, Right This Minute, a nationally broadcasted television show, featured the Voyageurs Wolf Project and the video footage we captured of an adult female wolf moving her 7 pups to safety from a flooding den. Right This Minute learned of this incredible story through our Facebook page, where we posted the complete video footage of this event. The Voyageurs Wolf Project feature on Right This Minute can be viewed online.

Rock the Park

The Voyageurs Wolf Project was featured on Rock the Park—a TV series that airs nationally on ABC—in the June 2019 episode about Voyageurs National Park. The Voyageurs Wolf Project worked with the rock the park film crew to help them plan their filming during winter, and shared several clips of remote video camera footage of wolves that were used in the episode.


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