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Recent Voyageurs Wolf Project Photographs: 
Summer-Fall 2022

A small active beaver pond observed during our fall aerial beaver surveys.

A nice set of deer antlers found in the woods while out following wolves!

Project field technicians posing for a photograph at an abandoned wolf den that they were measuring and documenting. We visit every den wolves use once they leave and record a variety of measurements on the den so we can understand the features that influence where wolves choose to rear their pups. In this instance, wolves dug out an area under the rootball of a tipped over tree.

Field technicians deploying a trail camera on a beaver dam in summer.

A nice photograph of the some early fall colors along the Ash River just south of Voyageurs National Park.

Clara Dawson, a field technician on the project, holding up the lower jaw of a deer fawn that was killed by a collared wolf.

Collaring Wolf P3S in late July. The hoods and head-nets are to keep the bugs at bay while we try to work!

A beaver hauling an aspen branch across Namakan Lake in October.

A dusting of fresh snow in October as seen from the air during our aerial beaver surveys.

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